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Heat: The Natural Enemy of Electrical Components


Every EZ Shields part allows the Car Enthusiast to showcase their own fabrication skills, while leveraging EZ Shields design expertise! 

Ezshields Starter Heat Shields: our innovative designs protect your IMPORTANT parts


Easy bend! Easy fit!

  • EZ Shields heat protection is provided thru pre-engineered, precision cut templates that are designed to fit snugly onto the starter profile when contoured as shown on the EZ to follow instructions.


    The completed shield reduces starter and solenoid temperatures utilizing a combination of convective, conductive and radiation measures. The aluminum material shields the housing from the radiant heat produced by the surrounding parts, while the measured air gap between the shield and the housing allows cooling airflow to remove any residual heat found in the starter itself. Multiple connection points ensures the entire shield acts as a radiator fin to convey heat from the housing to the surrounding environment. Aluminum material has been selected for its outstanding conductive properties and easy workability.

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  •  The templates for each ezshields starter heat shield are CAD designed for a perfect fit every time. A simple, inexpensive, well thought through design that will add years of functional life to the expensive starters and solenoids that are used on todays high performance vehicles.