Some positive news: We have been wondering for some time why there are no nicely designed carburetor

heat shields available. We decided to solve that issue by making some of our own. Check out our newly designed carburetor shields for Holleys and Rochesters on the Carb Products page.

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Every EZ shield starter heat shield that EZ Shields creates is formed from this combination of unique talents, which allows EZ Shields to produce, market and deliver a product that is inexpensive, yet highly functional for Car Enthusiasts and their amazing rides.
It was on one of these Car Nights, while installing a starter on Matt’s 1971 GTO that a header tube was observed to be in dangerous proximity to the starter solenoid. It is quite common for starter solenoids which are exposed to excessive heat to develop internal shorts and then, to the dismay of onlookers, fail at the most inopportune moment. After some Coke and pizza fueled speculation, it was agreed that the best thing to do was to form a shield which would protect the starter and solenoid from the heat the header tubes radiate into the nearby environment. In a burst of creativity, aluminum sheeting was procured, pattern ideas were developed, relative merits were discussed, and a heat shield was born. Since all 3 friends were in the process of rebuilding early ‘70s GTOs, the natural suggestion was made to develop a permanent pattern, so that each of them could have access to the obvious merits of the remarkable heat shield they had spent the evening developing. 

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Sad news: On the morning of Friday, Sept. 4th 2015, our friend and cohort Doug Lawson passes away suddenly and unexpectedly. We will continue on here at EZ Shields, but Doug was a close friend and compadre and his keen insight will be dearly missed. A true Car Guy if there ever was one!

pontiac CLASSIC


installed on engine


This original pattern has since been refined multiple times and was the beginning of EZ Shields involvement in developing patterns for many makes and models. The 3 friends found that they each were able to contribute a unique talent to creating shields for other Car Enthusiasts to purchase for their own rides. Matt D. comes from an engineering field and enthusiastically combines AutoCAD skills and an overly analytical attitude to assist in developing the design details used to create each shield. Doug L. relies on skills developed by years of experience as a commercial building engineer and a keen understanding of mechanical systems to resolve fabrication issues and give input on functionality. Don W. combines his lifelong muscle car restoration experiences with an extensive background in internet network sales and customer service to guarantee that each of our customers receives a product that they will be completely satisfied with. EZ Shields heat protection became available to everyone!

EZ Shields is formed around the talents of 3 long time friends, Matt Dalton, Doug Lawson and Don Wonders.

For years, these 3 had met on a casually defined schedule to work together on their muscle cars. Each week, whenever there was an ongoing project, there would be a designated Car Night where the group would meet after work to bend wrenches, share ideas and good naturedly rib one another.

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by searching for the part number!


The Natural Enemy of Electrical Components


We have combined our unique talents to bring you the very best method for protecting starters and solenoids from  the demanding environments they need to live in!.