Chrysler Classic - Slant 6 & V8 1963-1987                                          EZ-M01

Holley 4150 Carburetor Shield - Open plenum                                   EZ-H01

Rochester Quadrajet Shield - Stove Type choke                                EZ-H04

Holley 4500 Dominator Shield - Plain w/o clearance slots                  EZ-H05

Carburetor Products

Chevrolet Gen IV 2005-2014                                                              EZ-C02

Pontiac Classic 1965-1979                                                                 EZ-P01​

Powermaster - (Denso)                                                                      EZ-F01

Part Description                                                              Part Number              Instructions

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Rochester Quadrajet Shield - Bi-Metal choke                                     EZ-H03

Starter Products

Holley 4150 Carburetor Shield - 4 Hole                                              EZ-H02

Holley 4500 Dominator Shield - w/ linkage clearance slots                 EZ-H06

Order our shields on EBay

by searching for the part number!

Order our shields on EBay by searching for the part number!

Powermaster - denso STYLE





The Natural Enemy of Electrical Components


Download and read the instructions to see just how easy it is to apply EZ Shields protection to your starter!

Lose your instructions? No problem. They are always available here!.

Ford Mini PMGR Starter - High Torque                                               EZ-F02

Ford Coyote V8 2011-2014                                                                 EZ-F03

Chevrolet Classic                                                                                EZ-C01